April 28, 2015

Pengcheng Dongshan Monastery

Pengcheng Dongshan Monastery of Shenzen City is just 5 minutes from the official worlds resort and sailing venue. The amazing Buddhist monastery is renown, for its traditional practice of Dongshan, a sect of the Zen school. The eye catching structure is situated south of the huge granite cliffs that dominate the dragon shaped Mount Longtuo (meaning head of the dragon) and to the east of incredible Dapeng Fortress. The monastery was originally built over 600 years ago, but has had to be refurbished due to pilfering, decay and destruction over hundreds of years, which left the historical building in ruins. Now standing are a spectacular group of buildings, that are bright and awe-inspiring, with glazed roof tiles, exquisite carvings and vivid paintings, the result of a rebuild in 2009. A visit to the monastery is definitely not to be missed by anyone travelling to the world championships, it’s something you will never forget. You’ll want to go back for one more look.