June 10, 2016

Finals Cut Day

Day three, the final day, of the 2016 Hobie® 16 World Championship Open Semi Finals rolls on today in Dapeng, China. Yesterday, the highly, competitive fleet of international sailors competed in light to moderate winds hoping to secure a place in the world championship finals, today we’ll know those who have made the cut.

After some rain overnight we are expecting heavy cloud cover with rain should easing this afternoon. Competitors should arrive at the event site to around 5 knots of wind which should build throughout the day.

Dave Renouf from Pittwater, Australia reflected on his semi final performance so far, “ We came through the qualifiers and made it to the semis, but we’re borderline to go through to the finals. If we get the onshore breeze and it builds, us “fatter” people (Laughs) should do a bit better”.

Pat Porter from the USA said, “ Day one we didn’t have a very good day with a 17 and a 13, yesterday we had a sixth and we feel better about that, hopefully we’ll stay top of the old guys”.

Ben Roulant from France said, “We got to the semi through the qualifying and as my crew, Jess, hasn’t really done much sailing before we didn’t have high expectations, but we finished fourth which was great. And now in the semi we’ve had an 8th, a 2nd and another 2nd, which is awesome. It is working out really great but we’re here just to have fun and see what happens”.

Mike Montague from California in the USA said, “We came here pre qualified, we’re just waiting for the winds to settle down so we can just sail fast. Hopefully, we’re going to make it into the final cut but it’s going to be close. I’ve sailed the worlds a few times now, all of them actually except three actually, and this event here has been a good one”.

Nicolas Liebel summed up his teams chances, “Hi, this is Nicolas Liebel from Canada, I’m in China at the Hobie worlds and we’re pretty happy to be here. The conditions are really nice, hot, windy a bit, and so far we are doing ok. We are in, like, the top 15 at the moment so we are pretty, pretty excited about it. We will need to keep working hard to stay up there because there is a strong fleet here with a lot of competition. So we’ll keep working hard and to make the finals, of course, there is no doubt in my mind”.

We should see some solid pressure blow across the bay today giving everyone a chance to improve or consolidate positions for the Hobie 16 World Championship Open Finals cut that takes place tonight.